A Message to Agathon (Agaton)

I like rain, the way it makes me feel all cozy and lazy in my room. It’s quite refreshing to have especially after long weeks of summer. But as what we all know (I’m assuming), too much of something is bad. So please just stop, I am having fever on and off and I’m getting tired of this cough and colds. My throat hurts and I can barely breathe with my clogged nose. I took medicines with vitamins more than I can count, but it keeps coming back because YOU (Agathon or however you’re spelled like) just won’t go away. You’ve been pouring us all with rain even when you were just a low pressure and now that you’re a full-blown typhoon, for sure you’ll do worse. And I hate the thought that we’re still going to spend more time together. You’re like an annoying ex who can’t move on and be gone!



Here we go!

I honestly don’t know what to write, this is anyway just a requirement for our Marketing subject in school. I am not even a good writer much less an expressionist. Now that I think about it, I find it ironic that I can easily explain concepts and ideas in school but find it difficult to express my own personal thoughts and feelings. Oh well, this blog thingy sure is gonna be tough, but I am excited somehow. I think I just might be able to unlock some hidden talent I may have in writing (talent dadtow! Hahahaha!) Kidding aside, I am really excited about the things I am gonna share of the experiences and lessons I get each and everyday. Hey, I even have started already! 😀